Students Coming From North India

India is the seventh-largest country by area and the second most-populous country in the South Asia. The most populous democracy in the world, India is leading rapidly into being a global power with its human resources, market, economic growth, expanding international relations and diplomatic connections. Now India is a major country for importing skilled human resources into the global market. Market –based economic reforms, fastest-growing economy, having third largest standing army, a third federal republic, and a newly industrialized country, India, is attracting attention of the global market in its social transformations, rapid economic development and increment in quality of life, and increased purchasing power. Identified as a nuclear weapons state and also a regional power, India is now known for its educational development and production of skilled human resources in IT and Medical Science sectors.

Geographically speaking, North India includes some provinces which are linked to northern Himalayas and share borders with Nepal, Pakistan, Tibetan Plateau and central Asia. Though North India has been defined differently in different reports supplied by different Governmental agencies of India, it includes some states like Chandigarh, Delhi, Harayna, Himanchal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir,Punjab, Rajastahan , Uttarakhand, Lucknow and Punjab. Some cultural reports and news papers also indentify and include Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, West Bangal and Jharkhanda as the states of North India. It is widely known that India is gaining worldwide popularity in its education and teaching of various courses of Medical Science and human body care system.

Due to establishment of Bangalore as the IT capital of India and fastest- growing economic activities there, now Bangalore is also primarily known for its Nursing Education. Bangalore is a hub or major attraction of the world for the Studies of Medical Science and IT courses. Students of North India can be a part of Bangalore in nursing studies. Having a vibrant range of subjects in nursing studies and affiliation to renowned universities like Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science (RGUHS), colleges and institutions of Bangalore are marked for quality education and for their production of skilled human resources. Being the third most populous city of India, hospitals of Bangalore contain large number of patients which eventually allow nursing students to have easier and close access to clinical practices.

Many students and parents and other concerned people may have some queries regarding Bangalore and its popularity in Nursing Studies. They may question what there is in Bangalore and why Bangalore is a right place for Nursing Studies. Having a great deal of researches, frequent field visits and observation of ground realities of Bangalore’s nursing colleges, we have reached to a conclusion that Bangalore is such a place where a nursing student can have quality education in low and affordable price, in a sound environment, with better exposure to job opportunities, going through globally recognized course of contents and better clinical practices.

Having a pleasant climate throughout the year, Bangalore, a well planned city, is having numerous multinational companies and business organizations. Besides all these, in the fields of Medical Science as well, we have found Bangalore easily opening a variety of doors and opportunities to many nursing students not only in internships but also in direct recruitment in Health Care Fields. Well - equipped facilities, updated syllabus, international repute of the colleges, availability of experienced and expert faculties, sound teaching- learning environment and convenience to a wide variety of educational opportunities in Health Science are some inalienable beauties of Bangalore.

Students of North India can easily assimilate them in Bangalore. Larger degree of cultural similarities and common use of English language definitely help the North Indian students to go through learning smoothly and comfortably there in Bangalore. Knowing about best Nursing Colleges and having access to them for enrollment can be a troublesome matter to many students if they approach the colleges without having better counseling, knowledge and information and proper guidance about the colleges, their histories, and reputation in the market.

Some degree of tactfulness is needed in every student while knowing about their most sought-after colleges and any other college about which they have dreamt for a long. We are always prepared to counsel students in ethical and accountable ways while informing them to know about and choose the best college for having better career. We cannot declare that all nursing colleges and institutions from Bangalore may possess all those expected qualities and facilities to drive students towards their acclaimed academic excellence. In such a context, we, in our own effort and regular consultations, having extensive field visits, wide-ranging inquiry and observation of the colleges, have come to set up come criteria to classify or label nursing colleges of Bangalore as the standard or non-standard one.

Major Criteria and Qualification of Standard Nursing Colleges from Bangalore:

  • Urban Location
  • Colleges having their own teaching hospitals
  • Hospital Size
  • Flow of patients into the Hospital
  • Experienced and expert faculties
  • Recognition of the college and its affiliation to the renowned University
  • Hostel facilities to the students
  • Teaching- learning environment
  • Nursing seat capacity of the college
  • Clinical practices and lab classes for students
  • OPD Capacity of Hospital

We are always prepared and committed to counsel students with full responsibility to inform and recommend them to make them get admitted at the best colleges in Bangalore. If any North Indian student finds herself in any sort of trouble, curiosity, and dilemma, then she can contact us to seek solution of those questions and inquiries. We will be pleased to serve the students and guide them in proper way towards making them have their destination be available for them easily on their own hands, as we have our own authorities to have direct relations to the concerned authorities of the colleges from Bangalore.