Students Coming From Bhutan

Bhutan, a landlocked country in South Asia, is bordered by India and China. The second least populous nation in South Asia after the Maldives, Bhutan, is located entirely in the Eastern Himalayas. Having parliamentary democracy, and being ranked first in economic freedom, ease of doing business and peace, Bhutan is still a developing nation, but having rapid economic growth and increasing trend in per capita income. Likewise Nepal, in Bhutan as well, Medical Science and health care system are taken as the prestigious professions. Though Bhutan is geographically small and does not contain a large mass of human population, Health Education and services are directly conducted, regulated and monitored actively from the side of government, especially by Bhutan Medical and Health Council. In Bhutan, professionals involved in Health and Medical are paid higher salary (25,000 BTN per month at the present), including registered nurses. Such a social respect and secured career in Nursing has impressively worked on many Bhutanese students to pursue their career in Nursing. As a result, we see many Bhutanese students getting admitted to different Nursing Colleges and institutions in Bangalore.

Bangalore is always open and welcoming to receive, accept and enroll the Bhutanese students for various courses on Nursing, Medical Science and other health allied courses. India is a favorite location for Bhutan as India shares 650 kilometers border with Bhutan and is the largest trading partner. Bhutan and India share a ‘special relationship’ as India remains influential over Bhutan’s defense, foreign policy, and commerce. The largest beneficiary of India’s foreign aid, Bhutan has a close diplomatic relations and close affinity with India. Both nations are members of SAARC and Bhutan’s economic prosperity and growth seem to be dependent on foreign aid of India. In such a pretext, India is an accessible and open market for the Bhutanese Nursing students. Still today, many teachers in Bhutan are employed from India.

Third most populous city of India, having a pleasant climate throughout the year, having excellent teaching environments, a fastest growing city, and above all, a booming IT and financial hub, Bangalore, is a pleasurable location for many Bhutanese students to go through Nursing Studies. A well-planned city, having numerous multinational companies and business organizations, Bangalore easily opens up the door and opportunities to many nursing students not only internships but also in direct recruitment in health care fields. Most students from Bhutan are pursuing higher studies in India. Because of its proximity and affordability, students of Bhutan are now keen to pursue higher studies in India.

Benefits of Studying Nursing in Bangalore for Bhutanese Students
  • Quality Education: Universities, Colleges and Educational institutions of Bangalore are well known worldwide for the quality education they impart. Nursing Colleges from Bangalore offer quality education in an affordable cost with ample exposure to clinical practices and lab classes.
  • Low Cost: In comparison to various other countries of the world, the cost of nursing education in top universities in Bangalore is low and cost consuming. Quality education in affordable price and large market for job opportunities are the additional benefits for the Bhutanese students to get enrolled to Bangalore.
  • English Language: English language is widely used in Bhutan and it is a medium for schooling. Therefore, the Bhutanese students will not have any trouble to go through books and classes and can have easier social adjustment in Indian societies.
  • Equivalent Currency: The Bhutanese currency ‘ngultrum’ is equivalent to the Indian rupee.
  • Financial Assistance and Scholarships: In the forms of scholarships, education loans, and sponsorships, Indian universities also provide various financial aids for studying in India. Moreover, the Government of India also provides several scholarships each year to deserving Bhutanese students for the undergraduate level in different professional streams such as MBBS, Nursing, and B.Sc Agriculture. It means that Indian Universities easily accept and give priority to Bhutanese students to enroll them.
  • Unique Programs and Wide Range of Course of Studies: Besides conventional courses, Colleges from Bangalore offer wide range of new subjects for specialization in Nursing fields and other health care system.
  • No Visa trouble: Bhutanese students easily get chance to enter into India and study any subject they like. They have nothing to face any interview and other administrative hassle to get to India for the purpose of education as India and Bhutan share 'a special relationship' and are the members of SAARC, a regional association of South Asian nations.

Health in Bhutan is one of the government’s highest priorities as the 'Constitution of Bhutan' ensures to provide “free access to basic public health services in both modern and traditional medicines”. Health care infrastructure and services are being planned and developed in Bhutan as the government has considered health facility as a scheme of development and modernization. As a report of 2013, there were 32 hospitals across Bhutan and many private organizations are in course of establishing and running hospitals, clinics, pharmacy and other health posts. These legal and social conditions of Bhutan signal that Health Education and Nursing Studies are gaining widespread popularity in Bhutan.

Many times, it has been heard and reported that Bhutanese students have been cheated on in Indian colleges regarding payment of college fees and so on. In absence of proper communication and contract, the Students seem to have been put in an obligation to pay more fees than they were told and asked for at the time of being enrolled. Such frequently heard problems can be reduced and eliminated if students go there through trust worthy agencies and consultancies.

Now we want to assure you that it is our responsibility to take and make students to get enrolled only in a few selected top most colleges of Bangalore. We cannot tell you that all colleges and institutions from Bangalore are equally dedicated and have better history and good will in the global market. We have specified some criteria to choose and mark some colleges as the best colleges through and by our own internal research on colleges’ history, backgrounds, market recognition and production of skilled nurses, based on extensive inquiry and observation of those colleges in their ground reality.

Criteria and Qualifications of Standard Nursing Colleges in Bangalore
  • Urban located ,
  • Colleges having their own teaching hospitals with maximum flow of patients,
  • Hospital size ( Minimum 700 Bed Capacity)
  • Approach and access of students to more clinical practices
  • Experienced and expert faculties ( Academic Qualification: PG With MD and MS Courses , UG with Health Allied Science)
  • Nursing Seat capacity ( A college which enrolls from 40 to 100 students for a program )
  • Hostel facilities ( Room’s Capacity, Library, Hygienic environment , Distance between College and Hostel)
  • OPD capacities of such hospitals ( from 50 to 60 patients)
  • Affiliation of colleges to renowned Universities and their own individual recognition
  • Sound environment and systematic techno- friendly teaching- learning system
  • Easier access to internships at various hospitals nearby the college area
  • Worth of certificate in relation to identity and reputation of the colleges.

If any college lacks any of the above-cited prerequisites, then the college does not fall on the category of best college in any other way. Such colleges cannot ensure any expected level of quality education and services that the students can entrust with. In these matters, we are fully informed and alert before we counsel and make our students get enrolled there in Bangalore.

Even the Bhutanese can afford studying at top most nursing college of Bangalore. Before choosing college of Bangalore for Nursing Studies, they need to know some key aspects of the college. We are always open and well prepared to counsel students for Nursing Studies at Bangalore and take them to enroll there. In our special relationship and professional bonding, we directly consult with the concerned authorities of the top ten Nursing Colleges of Bangalore and book some seats for the students from our side. If any Bhutanese student face any sort of trouble and lacks information to get enrolled there, we are always ready to counsel them towards guiding them in proper way.