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Following in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale, nurses currently represent the largest group of health care workers in the world. Nursing is an excitable and personally rewarding Nobel career, with excellent job prospects, a wide range of areas to nursing specialize in, and highest salaries. A nursing career in India offers the opportunity to join one of the most highly regarded and trusted solidarity of working nursing professionals in the world, and to make a real difference to the health and well being of people in India and abroad. Nursing careers are in more demand than ever before. As the population in the world continues to age, there’s an ever-increasing demand for nurses, especially skilled nurses with advanced nursing education and training. Nowadays there are hundreds of options for meaningful careers in nursing. Check out our all nursing degrees programs if you’re interested in earning a nursing degree. Exciting, life-and-death challenges, independence, high pay, and the flexibility to choose from thousands of nursing career options. That's “Today's Nurse.”