M.Phil in Nursing

Whoever attends the M.Phil in Nursing degree gets the deep knowledge of the subject matters related to the course. Every topic that is included in the course syllabus is to be studied in-depth which helps a lot for every student to know their profession profoundly. There are also many types of research to be conducted for the expansion of the existing knowledge of the students.

This course is basically of one year for those who takes it as a full-time study and if a student wants to study the course as a part-time student then it exceeds for two years. There is also a provision for the M.Phil students to get transferred to the PhD degree course after certain time of enrollment. It is done when a student senses the sufficient development of knowledge and builds confidence to go higher. M.Phil is generally done after the completion of Masters Course. But there are many individuals who take the PhD course directly if their qualifications meet the requirements.

As this course is a comprehensive study of nursing, students during the course of study develop their rational, technical, critical, analytical and managerial skills. The enrichment of these skills brings remarkable changes and opportunities for the graduates in their future. This course also brings the chance to be an international researcher or work with intellectual scholars in many innovative research works.

The research that the M.Phil graduates do in their field can bring noteworthy changes in the health care sectors. There are also many independent studies that are needed to be done through the core research methods which are parts of the study. The major proficiencies that a student gets by undertaking this course are management in treating the patients, skillfulness in the ethics and academic writing, task management skill, and so on.

This course is offered by countless universities through out the world. In Australia majority of the students get enrolled in this course as a pathway to the PhD course. Here the standard course of M.Phil is basically studied for two years. While we talk about the European countries the M.Phil course is taken to be a highly selective course for gaining the maximum amount of information of a particular subject.

Indian graduates also take this course on average of two years, where some students get the transfer done for the PhD program. As we talk about the American countries there are handful of Universities which offers the M.Phil study but M.Phil in Nursing can be hardly found. In contrary to that, the United Kingdom offers an M.Phil program of two years (full-time) or five years if it’s taken as part-time. There are only a few universities in the UK which have this degree of only one year.

Eligibility Criteria

There are some of the eligibility criteria that are to be fulfilled by the candidate to get enrolled in the M.Phil in Nursing program. Many of the conditions that the nursing institution put ahead are more often similar. Here are some of the criteria are:

  • Good professional and personal record
  • Must be physically and mentally fit
  • Excellent writing and fluency in the English language
Education Qualifications

The candidates who want to get enrolled in any of the University for the M.Phil in Nursing course should be qualified enough. They must have completed all the previous required courses to get entrance as competent and capable candidates. Some of the required educational qualifications are:

  • Certain years of work experience after M.Sc. nursing graduation
  • Hold degrees from well-known and accepted university
  • Good academic marks in B.Sc. nursing and M.Sc. nursing degree
Admission process

In order to join the M.Phil in nursing degree, a candidate has to go through various processes for admission. Original documents are to be shown while presenting the certificates that are asked by the university.

  • Fill the required application forms with documents
  • Give the entrance exam if necessary
  • Academic reference (if asked)
  • Research proposal
  • Letter of motivation
  • Transcripts of all academic qualifications
  • Revised CV
  • Passport size photographs for forms and different other uses
  • Fees payment after the clearance of entrance exam
Further Studies

M.Phil in Nursing is one of the higher levels of study which is done after the completion of M.Sc. Nursing. It is such a course where the graduates get an adequate amount of educations and skills that is needed to shape up their life. However, if an individual wants to have a degree which holds more value than this course, s/he usually takes upon the PhD course further. M.Phil is considered to be less advanced course than the PhD. So, the majority of the M.Phil students, after the completion of this course get enrolled into the PhD degree for further education.

Career Prospects

As a student gets graduated in M.Phil in nursing there are many gates that are opened. After this course there are many areas where the nurses are taken to be capable for higher level of work. Some of the fields where they can get higher opportunities are:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Health Departments
  • Training Institutes
  • Schools
  • Old Age Homes
  • Orphanages
  • Nursing Homes
  • Medical Departments
Job Opportunities

There are various sectors where the M.Phil graduated nurses can work in a higher position. After they complete this course many are offered the senior level position by a lot of of the healthcare firm, research company and educational sector. Some of the position or career that the M.Phil graduates can join as are:

  • Higher educational body’s director
  • Senior lab technician
  • Project manager
  • University lecturer
  • Research assistant or Senior researcher
  • Nursing instructor
  • Senior Nurse
M.Phil in Nursing colleges in Bangalore

Some of the advanced colleges which provide M.Phil degree in Nursing are:

  • Manipal College of Nursing
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