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Karthik Netralaya (Netrajyothi College of Health Science) is a part of Netrajyothi foundation. This foundation was established in the year 2000 which started with the main motive to give the greatest gift of education to the people. The college of optometry provides very good education as per the demand of the educational and world system. Since the time this college has been established, it has produced nurses who have the full skill of giving eye care treatment. As this college was formed because of the need of better vision care education system, this college has always maintained the standard of education.

This college is affiliated to Para Medical Board and Rajiv Gandhi University of Heath Sciences as well as recognized by Government of Karnataka. The number of students and qualities of a teacher are selected according to the rules and regulation. Optometry is an important part of eye-care and is a very demanding in many parts of the world so this college makes sure that the students graduating from this college reach to the level of being at the top where ever they go. The entire team here encourages the students to learn more and more to gain new knowledge.

Netrajyothi College of Health Science has also linked with various other institutes not only for the benefit of the institute but also for the welfare of the students. The college has a parent hospital, Karthik Netralaya which is serving in the eye care field since the year 1980. There is an availability of every tools and equipment which is also used for the practice and training purpose of the optometry students of Netrajyothi College.

Address: 89, 7th cross, N R Colony, Near Bull temple, Bengaluru - 560050 : info@karthiknetralaya.com

Official Website: http://www.karthiknetralaya.com

Admission 2023

  1. Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
  1. B.Sc. in Optometry
Certificate Diploma Course
    Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology – Admission Open 2017/18

    Currently, Karthik Netralaya (Netrajyothi College of Health Science) has announced admission open for the course Ophthalmic Technology for every interested student in diploma level. This college is famous for providing the best education and also gives proper care to the students. So why not be the part of such institution where you can get the perfect environment to study.

    Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology Overview

    Program Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
    Duration 3 years (SSLC)/ 2 years (PUC)
    Intake N/A
    Mode of Admission Merit basis
    Affiliated to Para Medical Board, Gov. of Karnataka
    Admission Available For both girls and boys
    Hostel facilities available Both
    Last Date of Application N/A
    Course Commencement N/A

Undergraduate Course
    Bachelor in Optometry - Admission Open 2017/18!!!

    Karthik Netralaya (Netrajyothi College of Health Science) has announced admission open for the Bachelor in Optometry. Here the study of optometry is done with the full-facilitated environment under the guidance of best teaching faculty members. So submit your application for the academic year of 2017/18 now.

    Bachelor of Science in Optometry Overview

    Program B.Sc in Optometry
    Duration 3 years and 1 year internship
    Intake N/A
    Mode of Admission Direct/Merit basis
    Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
    Admission Available For both girls and boys
    Hostel facilities available Both
    Last Date of Application N/A
    Course Commencement N/A

Attention! Notice for Nepalese Students!

There are many records of brilliant students studying in the least standard colleges. Due to the different timing of result distribution of optometry in Nepal and India, many Nepalese students are forced to join any college where seats are available. As many best optometry college in India don’t accept any application as soon as their deadline is over especially at the end of July no Nepalese students during the time get their final results.

So not to be deprived of the best education for better future we think it’s better to prepare yourself for next admission season.

Why Karthik Netraylaya?

Karthik Netrayala (Netrajyothi College of Health Science) provides students the best optometry education in Bangalore. If you are willing to study this course and have a successful career ahead than this college is an excellent choice. Here are some of the features of Karthik Netrayala (Netrajyothi College of Health Science):

  • 100% placement facility
  • Best clinical exposure
  • Experienced teaching faculty
  • Peaceful and learning environment
  • Well ventilated spacious classroom
  • Computer labs with good internet connections
  • Experimental labs with modern tools

Admission Form

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*Filling up the Nursing Admission Query Form on the homepage is recommended.

Courses Available

  1. Diploma in Optometry
  1. B.Sc. in Optometry
Certificate Diploma
  • Diploma in Optometry
  • The main areas where the students of diploma in optometry deal with are the visual system. The learners study about the eye problems, diseases, and their solution. The management of vision problems for example dizziness, squints, eye irritation, redness of eyes and so on. They also get the knowledge of proper glasses and contact lenses for the diseases or irrelevance for the eyes. This diploma course is of three years where there are different pieces of training and practices included. After the graduation from this course, the nurses can work in different vision care area being a record keeper, vision examiner, optics dispensers and so on. The PUC graduates students have to go through two years course duration whereas for the SSLC students its three years.

    • Must have passed in PUC (Science stream)/ SSLC with good marks
    • Minimum of 15 years and maximum of 35 years
    • Good English language proficiency
    Course Outline
    1st Year
    • Basic Human Sciences
    • Basic Physics of Light
    • Communication Skills
    • Computer Science
    • Basic Pharmacology
    • Basic Orthoptics
    • Basic Ocular Sciences
    • Optometry Practices
    • Visual Optics
    • Ocular Diseases and Conditions
    • Dispensing Optics
    • Optometry Instruments
    • Contact lenses
    • Community Optometry
    • Hospital Training
    Further Studies
    • B.Sc. in Optometry
    Career Prospects
    • Eye care hospital
    • Optical Shops
    • Nursing homes
    • Units Manufacturing Lenses
    • Units Manufacturing optometry equipment
    • Vision Test Labs
    Job Opportunities
    • Vision examiner
    • Eye consultant
    • Optometry Assistant
    • Ophthalmic Nurse/Assistant
  • B.Sc. in Optometry
  • Bachelor in optometry is a study related to the visual system of human body. Here students learn about the function of the system, cause of the diseases and the best curative treatment that can be used to heal the problems of eyes. After students complete their education, they became able nurses to have the ideas of improving the problems that a person is facing regarding the visionary system. They will be clear and skilled to identify the causes and prescribe relevant medicines or surgeries if the victim has a very serious problem. The students of this field need more than enough training while going through their duration of the study as this part of treatment is a very crucial and sensitive part. A simple mistake can invite serious and sometimes a patient can lose his/her vision too.

    • Minimum 50% marks previous level exam
    • 17 years minimum during the time of admission
    • 50% marks aggregate in previous level exam
    • Should have taken Physics, Chemistry and English with Biology or Mathematics in higher secondary exam
    Course Outline
    1st Year
    • General & Ocular Physiology
    • Anatomy and Biochemistry
    • Nutrition, Physical, & Geometrics Optics
    • Principle of Light
    • English
    • Kannada
    • Computer Programming
    • Accountancy
    2nd Year
    • Optometric Optics
    • CEVS and Ocular Disease
    • Optometric Instruments
    • Pharmacology
    • Visual Optics
    • Microbiology & Pathology
    • Clinical Hospital Procedure
    • Medical Psychology
    • Communication and Public Relations
    3rd Year
    • Low Vision Aids & General Optometry
    • Systemic Diseases
    • Dispensing Optometry
    • Pediatric Optometry, Binocular Vision and Advances in Optometry
    • Occoupational Optometry
    • Contact Lens
    • Ocular Diseases
    • Advance in Optometry Project
    • Law & Optometry
    • Public Health and Community
    • Public Health, Epidemology & Biostatistics
    4th Year
    • Internship
    Further Studies
    • Master in Optometry
    Career Prospects
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Nursing Homes
    • Vision Care Center
    Job Opportunities
    • Optometrists
    • Vision care nurse
    • Eyes specialist
    • Vision educator

Fees Structure

  1. Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
  1. B.Sc. in Optometry
Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
Grand Total
B.Sc in Optometry Fees Table
1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
Grand Total

Registration Fee: Indian INR 10000 for National students & US $300 for International students along with 1st installment


Some facilities and rules of the Netrajyothi College of Health Science’s hostel are:

  • Wide and spacious room
  • Clean and maintained hostel surrounding
  • Good water and sanitation facilities
  • Good mess facility provided
  • Supervision and care from the wardens
  • Mutual understanding and co-operation inside the hostel
  • Strict rules and regulation in the hostel premises


Netrajyothi College of Health Science has its own Karthik Netralaya which has been giving its service since 1980. This vision care hospital gives world class treatment by the means of modern technologies to all its patients. The majority of students are sent to this hospital for the placement. They are first supervised properly for certain period of time then later given the job to deal and treat the patients. The students are also clinically exposed during their course duration and shared every information by their supervisors which make them easy to get adopt in the hospital later.