For Tibetan Students
The best nursing colleges in Bangalore

The colleges we are talking about in Bangalore have got all the academic qualifications that a nursing student requires. Therefore, the degree weights a great value in many countries outside India than of other random colleges.

The top 10 as well as few other best colleges of Bangalore have their own hospitals and health care centers due to which students studying in these colleges can study by practically assisting in these hospitals. Not only that, but the nursing students from Tibet can also learn from the live environment of these hospitals. Students learn from the practical and demonstrated knowledge than the theoretical knowledge. Tibetans may have this confusion in their mind about the recognition of their degree in other countries but they don’t have to get confused about this matter. Most of the top colleges in Bangalore are collaborated with colleges from different countries like Australia, UK, USA, Dubai, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Canada etc. Due to that nursing students in Bangalore will get more opportunities for abroad studies.

What eligibility do I need?

Tibetan students who passed with the grade above 50% in +2 board examinations in science faculty with major subjects like biology, physics, chemistry and English can apply for nursing courses in Bangalore. There are top 10 and few other colleges in Bangalore where students from many more countries come for nursing studies including students from Tibet.

Am I secured in Bangalore?

Maintaining the top position is not an easy task for these best nursing colleges in Bangalore. Therefore, these colleges provide security for the Tibetan and other nursing students in college and hostel by preserving their student rights. All the members of the girl’s hostel are women with good English language skills including the security guard. Students are given transport facilities. These colleges have their own hospitals and health care centers inside the same boundary which is a plus point for these colleges in case of giving security.

Tibetan Foods!

Yes, these colleges provide healthy and hygienic food along with the taste and preference of the North Indian students. Students from different parts of the world are grouped together in Bangalore for further studies so the hostels in Bangalore provide every type of food to the students from different countries and places. The best nursing colleges in Bangalore are in the top list colleges because of the good facilities and academic qualifications provided by these colleges. These colleges provide the nursing students a well-facilitated environment so the students will not have much difficulty in sustaining in that new environment.

Fee Structures of the colleges in Bangalore.

One of the best ways Tibetan students can judge the college as the best college in Bangalore is through the cost of the nursing course of each college. The fee structure of the best nursing colleges in Bangalore varies from 380000 IRs – 512000 IRs. The fee structure of all these top 10 colleges in Bangalore are given above in the overview of each college.

Is there partiality for Tibetans in Bangalore?

Although it doesn’t seem like Tibetan students have any problem in Bangalore from outer space, there are many cases where students from Tibet are getting pressed between Indian and Chinese governments. Tibetans have been fighting for Free Tibet since their stay in India. There are no or rare cases of violence activity by Tibetans. According to the constitution of India, Tibetans have basic human rights and it’s their right to do anything except the election of the Government of India and its state elections. But, in real case, Tibetans are sometimes suppressed in world's largest democratic country, INDIA.

A blog spot is found ( where it is written that a Tibetan student said, Indian external affairs minister is holding a meeting with a representative of a regime that has blood in his hands." No doubt we owe a great deal to India, but I think India is morally wrong in not condemning China for the killings in Tibet and human rights violations in Tibet”. Tibetan students travel to Bangalore for further studies to seek further study in nursing and other medical courses but these things create a lot of stress for these students in their mental and physical state. These problems can easily divert their mind from study.