For North Indian Students
Choose the best Nursing College in Bangalore

How to choose the best college to study nursing after +2 science biology is a big question for students who seek to build their career in the related field. Likewise, for nursing courses there are lots of colleges in Bangalore in which students from all over the world come for further study. There are some of few top colleges in Bangalore affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science.

Nursing have been a versatile career of the students in India including many other countries. In this age and context, the diseases have been multiplying and so are the hospitals, nursing homes and health care centers. And to operate these hospitals and nursing homes the demand of doctors and nurses are increasing rapidly. So, each year there are a lot of students coming to Bangalore for their nursing studies. We can also see lots of North Indian students travelling to Bangalore for further studies in nursing. The top 10 colleges of Bangalore given above provides the best education service and training skills which is proved to be properly utilized in future. Beside these top 10 colleges there are also few other best nursing colleges in Bangalore that provides high quality academic sessions with practical knowledge and lab demonstrations.

These colleges are the best certified colleges in India that provides students with a legally approved degree and the degree is also recognized in other countries as the colleges are also linked with different universities outside India.

Is North Indian food available in hostels?

Yes, these colleges provide healthy and hygienic food along with the taste and preference of the North Indian students. The best nursing colleges in Bangalore are in the top list colleges because of the good facilities and academic qualifications provided by these colleges. These colleges provide the nursing students a well facilitated environment so the students will not have much difficulty in sustaining in that new environment.

Rent a place in Bangalore?

It is very hard to sustain in a place different from home for high school students in every sector like: food, accommodation, environment, language etc. On top of that there is a high risk of getting cheated by the brokers in search of well facilitated apartments. It is heard that the landlords take about 8-10 months advance from students in rental houses.

There is also a problem of security for female students when travelling from their apartments to colleges. The auto rickshaws are found to be cheating them by taking more money where they don’t know much about the routes at Bangalore. Ragging is also a big problem to the female students in Bangalore city where North Indians are not provided security in rental houses. So, it is best that the students stay in the hostels provided by the college itself for their own security.

Fee Structures of the Colleges

The fee structure of the best nursing colleges in Bangalore varies from 380000 IRs – 512000 IRs. The fee structure of all these top 10 colleges in Bangalore are given above in the overview of each college.

Are North Indian students discriminated?

Yes! There is racism in Bangalore for North Indians who are there for studies or for other purposes. North Indians who are living in Bangalore are facing different problems because both the north Indians and south Indians has their own different languages, foods, environment and their complexion. North Indians are cool, social and jovial and the south Indians are the opposite of them. The north Indians differ from south Indians in the language they speak, the food they eat and other things due to which they are prejudiced.