For Nepalese Students
Will my Bangalore nursing degree be recognized in the Nepal and any other countries like UK, USA?

Bangalore is a brand name for Nursing Studies and other medical courses not only in South Asia, but also in global context. Most of the Nursing Colleges and institutions of Bangalore are affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University and almost all are being run under affiliation to both Indian Nursing Council and Nursing Council of Karnataka. Viewed from global perspective, the course contents of many Nursing colleges of Bangalore are up –to- dated and match to curriculum practiced and adopted in European and American universities as well. In our close observation and intensive field visits, we have found that Nursing colleges of Bangalore have both national and international recognition for their quality education and production of skilled human resource. Growing market of India and its international relations have supplied grounds for many American and European universities and colleges to accept the students from topmost nursing colleges of Bangalore as their students. Similarly, in global market as well, Indian nursing products are well accepted and offered for job opportunities and career formation.

Here, we need to clarify you all that students from all nursing colleges of Bangalore cannot have such facilities and recognition. Among thousands of nursing colleges and institutions, only a few nursing colleges meet international standard both in their course contents and methods of teaching-learning along with involvement of students in clinical practices. Getting recognition in the nation-states like the US and the UK depend on recognition of such Indian Nursing Colleges. We can’t put you in delusion telling you that students from all nursing colleges equally get recognition and market value in the European market. Four-years’ Nursing course is easily accepted in American universities. Nevertheless, the degree that you got from the colleges that are accredited by (NAAC) National Assessment and Accreditation Council in India [which has been awarded by grade “A”] will be recognized and evaluated by the World Education Services (WES) as equivalent to U.S. Bachelor’s degree.

Does it make sense to study nursing in Bangalore?

Why not? Bangalore is a right place for many students who are pursuing their career in Nursing Studies and other medical courses. Third most populous city of India, having a pleasant climate throughout the year, having excellent teaching environments, a fastest growing city, and above all, a booming IT and financial hub, Bangalore, is a pleasurable location for many students to go through Nursing Studies. A well-planned city, having numerous multinational companies and business organizations, Bangalore easily opens up the door and opportunities to many nursing students not only in internships but also in direct recruitment in health care fields.

Topmost Nursing colleges of India belong to Bangalore and today students from around 57 nation-states are found studying in Bangalore. Furthermore, because of dense population, teaching hospitals of Bangalore provide opportunities to the students to go through ample clinical practices. So far as physical and academic environment of Bangalore is concerned, it is appropriate to girls because almost all colleges contain nursing students in college hostels, at the college premises. If Bangalore provides quality education in an affordable price, having global recognition in its value, course contents and teaching methods, with safety environment, then it is not so good to be worried unnecessarily about going to Bangalore. Speaking in clear words, nursing education of Bangalore is beneficial from multiple perceptives to all types of students, pursuing their career in Nursing.

What grades do I need to get into nursing colleges in Bangalore?

Only the students who have completed their Higher School level, Grade 12, from Science stream, with major subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English, are eligible to get enrolled at the nursing colleges of Bangalore. Primarily, to get admitted to BSc Nursing programs, students need to score more than 50% marks in their Board examinations. Different colleges may have different criteria and conditions to accept applications for enrollment from the interested students. Besides academic certificates, some colleges may inquire specific knowledge, talents and skills of students for such a program. Anyway getting admitted to top 10 colleges of Bangalore is a dream for many students for BSc nursing programs. We, through our direct relation and contract, do book some seats for the Nepalese students and can take them and arrange everything there to study in those colleges. We also encourage Nepalese students to be sincere enough to find those colleges and get enrolled there. If they lack any information about such colleges and facilities that they provide, they can thoroughly study our web page.

What else should I bear in mind?

If you are admitted to well- recognized Nursing Colleges of Bangalore, then half of your trouble is already solved. Decision making through deep and cautious thinking, based on research and ethical and unbiased counseling, is an essential need and condition both to keep tightly in mind while choosing any college. Managing individual stress, psychological concerns and specific individual matters depend on your own skills to handle them. It is usually best to think deeply about the following questions besides knowing about college and course studies:

  • Am I choosing the right course?
  • Is the chosen college good for me or not?
  • Is the environment of Bangalore suitable for me?
  • Will I be secured in Bangalore?
  • Will I be able to stay far from home?
  • Will Nursing course and career benefit my life?
  • Am I satisfied with Nursing as your career?
  • Are you sure about the decision you made?
Do I need to use an agent to get a place at a nursing college in Bangalore?

For this question, I say YES. To know about new matter and having best knowledge about any subject often depends on how much you are informed about the matter. Every student can follow some proper guidelines and directions supplied by any agency or agent while knowing about the renowned colleges and their appropriateness. In absence of proper knowledge and guidance, students may fail to choose right college and may fail to know about right path. We suggest students to follow our web page – Through this web page, many students can accumulate sufficient information about Nursing courses and their specific features. We provide ethical and authentic information about topmost Nursing Colleges of Bangalore and what facilities those colleges provide to students for BSc Nursing programs.

Which college should I look for nursing admission in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a hub for Nursing Studies and other medical courses. Though Bangalore contains thousand plus Nursing colleges, we have enlisted a few but best colleges of Bangalore where Nepalese students can aspire their dreams come true and guarantee having successful career. Only a few nursing colleges provide excellent academic environment and quality education, having global recognition and up-to dated course contents. We have had extensive research upon such colleges and have provided right information about them in our own web page, without being unethical and biased for any sort of gain. These top 10 Nursing Colleges in Bangalore provide excellent academic environment and clinical exposure to the students, attracting and inviting lots of students from abroad to be here. Some of the colleges are:

  • Vydehi Institute of Nursing,
  • Manipal College of Nursing,
  • M S Ramaiah Institute of Nursing,
  • Fortis Institute of Nursing,
  • Raja Rajeshwari College of Nursing, etc.
Be cautious of being cheated by agents

Every time before choosing and getting admitted to any academic institution, it is compulsorily needed to find out a reliable person or agency as a mediator to know about such an institute or academia. We have to be alert and cautious while approaching and being dependent on any agent or agency for academic counseling. All forms of counseling cannot be ethical and purely professional. Some agents or consultants can also guide us in an improper way for their short -term gain. Every student and every parent have to be careful at such a point. Except being dependent on any agent or agency alone, we suggest students to have extensive research and inquiry even from their own side. Some chances of cheating and misguidance are likely to take place, if you reach money-minded and unethical agents. So it depends on you how you approach the agents and check out their credibility on the grounds of their market recognition, history, good will, involvement of person in the agency, and so on. We are always prepared with first-class information to guide students in proper way to take them to their right destination.

Do I get Nepali food?

Bangalore is a southern province of India and this city has its own food culture and tradition which does not match properly to Nepali food culture and traditions. It is supposed that foods in Bangalore are spicy and oily mostly. At some places, students can have rice and vegetables and breads as well. Food is not a big or complex matter when a chosen college is found. At some college hostels, students can cook themselves and have foods of their own interests and choices.

Do I get security in colleges and hostel?

Bangalore city is a safer city for human security. Different than other Indian provinces, Bangalore is a city of development and modern civilization. Only a few high profile people and renowned professionals are seen residing there in Bangalore. As a hub of academic environment and global market, with its industrial growth and booming IT industries, Bangalore has earned reputation as a distinct city. Nursing students need not worry about their personal security as they are put in college hostels and they do not need to move out of premises of college, hostel and hospitals. Sometimes we come to hear and experience horrible crimes against humanity in Indian societies, although Bangalore is different and untouched by such an environment. Besides, these colleges are located in the spacious area consisting of college, hostels, hospitals and health care centers inside the same campus without any need to travel anywhere. Therefore, the students can remain safe and sound in the colleges and hostels in Bangalore.

Do I get Indian nursing license after the completion of my degree?

As we know that the KSNC (Karnataka State Nursing Council) has issued a letter on march 22, 2014 stating that “If you have been issued a work visa in India, you would be registered as a nurse in Karnataka for the period mentioned in the visa” for Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. We hope that soon the government of India will issue another letter in the favor of us. Till the date, the Nepalese students are not allowed to participate in any such a test in India.

Even now Nepalese students don’t have to worry about the license problem. After the completion of their bachelor degree, when the students return to Nepal they can register for the nursing license in Nepal. Academic degree is not sufficient for the nursing students to join profession rather they need to pass license exam. Nepal Nursing Council conducts such a license exam every year to supply license or authority to the students to join profession. All students, regardless of their nursing college and location of study, have to face and pass such a test. Except India, in other countries registered Nurses are easily offered job opportunities. It is often rumored that Nepalese students are hardly getting opportunities to have ample clinical practices and internships there in Indian hospitals. Yes, it happens if students fail to choose right college.

How can I choose the best nursing college?

We have specified some criteria to choose and mark some nursing colleges as the best colleges through and by our own internal research on colleges’ history, backgrounds, market recognition and production of skilled nurses, based on extensive inquiry and observation of those nursing colleges in their ground reality.

Criteria and Qualifications of Standard Nursing Colleges in Bangalore:

  • Urban located ,
  • Colleges having their own teaching hospitals with maximum flow of patients,
  • Hospital size ( Minimum 700 Bed Capacity)
  • Approach and access of students to more clinical practices
  • Experienced and expert faculties ( Academic Qualification: PG With MD and MS Courses , UG with Health Allied Science)
  • Nursing Seat capacity ( A nursing college which enrolls from 40 to 100 students for a program )
  • Hostel facilities ( Room’s Capacity, Library, Hygienic environment , Distance between the College and Hostel)
  • OPD capacities of such hospitals ( from 50 to 60 patients)
  • Affiliation of nursing colleges to renowned Universities and their own individual recognition
  • Sound environment and systematic techno- friendly teaching- learning system
  • Easier access to internships at various hospitals nearby the college area
  • Worth of certificate in relation to identity and reputation of the colleges.

If any nursing college lacks any of the above-cited prerequisites, then the college does not fall on the category of best nursing college in any other way. Such nursing colleges cannot ensure any expected level of quality education and services that the students can entrust with. In these matters, we are fully informed and alert before we counsel and make our students get enrolled there in Bangalore.

Are you thinking about renting a place in Bangalore?

For Nepalese students, it is always safer and good to stay at college hostels. It takes time for Nepalese students to be familiar with social and physical environment of Bangalore. Bangalore is totally different from Nepal in every sector like food, accommodation, environment, weather condition, language etc. Above all, there is a high risk of being cheated by the brokers while searching for well-facilitated apartments. In some researches, it is found that Nepalese students are easily being cheated while searching for apartments. Moreover, in Bangalore there is problem of ragging for new comers and also trouble in vehicular circulation. Chances of misguidance and cheating may occur frequently in case of novice students. So we suggest Nepalese students to stay at college hostel.

Are you aware about the fee structure of the nursing colleges in Bangalore?

Basically, the fee structure of the best nursing colleges in Bangalore varies from 3,80,000 IRs – 5,12,000 IRs. The fee structure of all these top 10 colleges in Bangalore are given above in the overview of each college.