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Fortis Institute of Nursing is a leading institute of medical education in Bangalore that has been providing Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in nursing. The college has an affiliation to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and is recognized by Indian Nursing Council, Govt. of Karnataka and Karnataka Nursing Council. The institute has its own multi-specialty hospital named Fortis Hospital which is very renowned and one of the top hospitals in private sector in India. The Institute also has its health care centres not only in India but in Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, China, and Brunei as well.

The institute plans to open up nursing institutes in India as per requirements of nurses in their own hospitals as well as other health care centres. The institute has 5 hospitals of its own situated in Bangalore itself that gives the students golden opportunity to get clinical training. Fortis Hospital has its own name and standards set in the field of Medical Education. The students studying in this institute with no doubt has a huge advantage of getting opportunities in biggest institutes in India and abroad as well.

Fortis Institute itself has a huge capacity of providing employment to worthy students. The institute has a reputation for its quality nursing education and medical education that are facilitated by a qualified and veteran group of instructors and educators. Students progress in aspects of the discipline, academics, and attendance are strictly scrutinized.

The Fortis Institute provides world-class facilities to the students like modern facilities in classrooms, new and contemporary teaching measures, well operational laboratories etc. Apart from getting excellence in the field of academics, the institute focuses on stress management skills, patient care skills, personality developments skills etc.

The Institute has 45 hospitals throughout the nation which is one of the largest healthcare companies in India. People from around the globe come to get treatment in the hospital. Nurses have been an integral part of the group in providing healthcare facilities. The students are given hospital duties during their internship program in the hospitals for better clinical exposure.

  1. The institute provides excellent infrastructure facilities.
  2. The library of the institute has collection of books and journals over 2000. Students have access to internet services for e-learning.
  3. The mess provides hygienic food to the students at affordable price.
  4. Students are provided with accommodation facilities.
  5. Transportation means are provided to the students.
  6. Spacious classrooms with good infrastructure.
Vision & Mission
  1. The Institute has a vision of making the medical and nursing education best in the country.
  2. Living up to the expectations of the people, parents and students who trust the fortis group for healthcare and maintaining that standard and striving for the best services.
  3. The mission of the institute is to be known for its brilliance and leadership in medical and nursing education.
  4. Prepare the students for the challenges of 21st century.
  5. Provide proper career guidance to the students.
  6. Set an example of the best medical education system in the world.
  7. Provide adequate knowledge to render professionals.

Address: Fortis Institute of Nursing 20/5, Yelchennahalli Village, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore- 560 111 : principalfin.blr@fortishealthcare.com

Official Website: http://fortisnursingeducation.com/newweb/index.html

Admission 2017

Certificate Diploma
    Post Basic Diploma in Cardio Thoracic Nursing (CTN) - Admission Open 2017/18 !!!

    Fortis Institute of Nursing has opened its admission. Classes in this institute normally begin from April. As being one of the most popular nursing colleges it is highly preferred by many of the students to get the best nursing education. You can also be the one so don’t be late drop your application as the annual intake of this institute is only ten seats.

    Post Basic Diploma in Nursing Overview

    Program Post Basic Diploma in Nursing
    Duration 1 years
    Intake 10
    Mode of Admission Entrance basis
    Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences
    Admission Available For both boys and girls
    Hostel facilities available Both
    Course Commencement April 2017

Undergraduate Course
    B.Sc Nursing - Admission Open

    As being said Fortis Institute of Nursing is well-known for its excellence in providing best quality education in the nursing field. If you have obtained above 50% marks in major subjects in your former education you came on the eligibility list to study B.Sc. nursing in this institute. Don’t give a second thought and get enrolled in this best nursing college.

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing Overview

    Program B.Sc Nursing
    Duration 4 years
    Intake 50 (15 seats reserved for Government selected candidates)
    Mode of Admission Entrance basis
    Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences
    Admission Available For both boys and girls
    Hostel facilities available Both
    Last Date of Application N/A
    Course Commencement N/A

Attention! Notice for Nepalese Students!

Beware! If you have missed the deadline for application submission for Fortis Institute of Nursing or any other best nursing college in India don’t choose the random one. We request you to wait until the next application opens. As many students due to the inconvenient timing of result of Nepal and India, they are forced to chose any college where some seats are available. Please don’t do that. Wait for a while, prepare yourself better for next entrance and study in good nursing college.

Undergradute Course
    Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing - Admission Open
    Notice for all the keenly interested students who want to study Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing. With the total intake of 40 the nursing college has announced admission open for all who wants to have success in the field of nursing. Do you know what’s great you are treated as equal as nurses with B.Sc qualification with this course too. Isn’t that wonderful so drop your application now.

    Program Post Basic Diploma in Nursing
    Duration 2 years
    Intake 40
    Mode of Admission Entrance basis
    Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences
    Admission Available For both boys and girls
    Hostel facilities available Both
    Last Date of Application N/A
    Course Commencement N/A

Information for Nepalese students

We would like to remind you again about the dissimilar result timing in both of the country. While the deadline of some of the best Indian nursing colleges gets over Nepalese students during the time are in the wait of their results. As a result of many deserving students unwillingly attend low-standard nursing college. Here we request you to have patience and wait for a little while until next season and continue your study in best nursing college.

Post- Gradute
    M.Sc. Nursing - Admission Open
    M.Sc Nursing is a very high-level study which needs proper guidance and assistance which can be provided by the Fortis Institute of Nursing. If you are a highly dedicated student this college can give you great opportunities in future so why be in another college rather than Fortis Institute of Nursing. Be the part of the best nursing college before it’s too late.

    Program M.Sc. Nursing
    Duration 2 years
    Intake 19
    Mode of Admission Entrance basis
    Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences
    Admission Available For both boys and girls
    Hostel facilities available Both
    Last Date of Application N/A
    Course Commencement N/A

Please be reminded!!! Nepalese Students!!!

We would again like to remind you about the difference on timing of result distribution in India and Nepal. Many good students with best academic background miss the chance to get enroll in some top nursing colleges in India. We time and again request you not to hurry but wait for the next big call and grab the opportunity and make your career bright.

Super- Speciality

    Mphil. Nursing Overview
    Mphil. Nursing - Admission Open
    Under the Affiliation of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, the Manipal College of Nursing is accepting applications for the M.Sc. Nursing course. The deadline for this course is 15th April and the class will get initiated from 1st of August. This is a great chance for you to have the world's best quality education so don’t lose the chance.
    Program Mphil Nursing
    Duration 2 years
    Intake 60
    Mode of Admission Direct/Merit basis
    Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences
    Admission Available For both boys and girls
    Hostel facilities available Both
    Last Date of Application 30th July 2017
    Course Commencement 1st September 2017

Notice!!! Reminder for one last time!!!

As we have been emphasizing on same thing again and again please be noted that many students with the rush to start their next course get enroll in any of the Indian nursing college they find. But we think it is best for you to be in high-standard nursing college with your good results you have obtained. So think twice before getting admission. We know you deserve the best.

Why Fortis Institute of Nursing?

Fortis Institute of Nursing is one of the best-known nursing colleges in India. This nursing school has not only been providing best quality education but also has been serving the healthcare industry since a long time. The main advantage of being a part of this college is students get placement in the college’s hospital. Named Fortis Hospital is best known for its possible treatment given to the patients and this is where a student of Fortis Institute gets placement.

Including Fortis Hospital, this institute possesses its own five different hospitals in Bangalore. Students not only gain the fruitful opportunity to be the part of these hospitals after their study but also are blessed to experience all the clinical practices in these hospitals during their practical course.

Fortis by its outstanding education deliberation currently has been able to be known as an institute providing best quality education with finest intellectuals. Every member of the institute is built-up with a bunch of experience and qualification who guide students to their best.

Choosing Fortis Institute of Nursing is lifetime opportunities to be part of a team built up with excellence. Students are facilitated with every possible requirement from well-equipped laboratory to best dining hostel, accommodation, and transportation.

Admission Form

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*Filling up the Nursing Admission Query Form on the homepage is recommended.

Courses Available

Certificate Diploma Course
  • Post Basic Diploma in Cardio Thoracic Nursing (CTN)
  • Post Basic Diploma in Cardio Thoracic Nursing (CTN) course in Fortis Institute of Nursing is affiliated to Karnataka State Diploma and Nursing Education Board. Studying this course student can be able to learn about the cardiac care, cardio thoracic and vascular care and critical care settings.

    The area of Cardio Thoracic Nursing encompasses various uses of tools and equipment like ventilatory care, vaso-active infusions, cardiac emergencies, resuscitation and so on. All the uses of this equipment are available during the practical duration for all the students learning in this institute. Furthermore this institute guarantees students for the best experience of cardiac surgical, coronary and critical care nursing.

  • Candidates should be qualified in GNM or B.Sc. Nursing
  • Candidates should have good communication skills and a commitment towards quality patient care with a passion for cardiac or critical care nursing.
Career Options
  • Students can work in cardiac care, cardio thoracic and vascular care and critical care unit.
  • Students get knowledge about modern equipments used for the treatment like ventilator care, vaso- active infusions, cardiac emergencies and resuscitation.
  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • B.Sc. nursing is a 4 year course which marks entry into nursing profession. The basic concepts and theories related to nursing field are made familiar to the students over this course. The course in Fortis Institute of Nursing is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. This course aims at training professional nurses for curative and rehabilitative healthcare skills. The course prepares the nurses for future challenges and opportunities in the future.

    With a serious vision of establishing owns name in the field of nursing this Fortis Institute of Nursing provides adequate knowledge of nursing equipments, administrative discipline and supervisory proficiency. Having all these knowledge students of this college can be capable of handling administrative positions in health care industry. After one completes the B.Sc. nursing degree they can get involved in various other jobs like being a health consultant, teacher, clinical specialization and so on.

  • Candidate should have completed the age of 17 years by 31st December of the years of admission.
  • A minimum of 50% marks obtained in science subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology with a pass in the qualifying examinations of Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (12years course) OR
  • Candidates should have completed Senior School/ Pre-Degree Examination (10+2) or 12 years of schooling equivalent from a recognized board or university.
  • Candidates should be medically fit.
Career Options
  • Students can further pursue Post Graduate Courses
  • Students can make career in academics by involving in research work
  • Mental Health Nurses
  • Peduatric Nurse
  • Nursing Administrator at Hospitals and Clinics.
Course Outline
1st Year
  • English (Qualifying)
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Nutrition & Bio-Chemistry
  • Nursing foundation
  • Psychology
  • Microbiology
  • Introduction to Computers
2nd Year
  • Sociology
  • Pharmacology , Pathology & Genetics
  • Medical Surgical nursing (Adult including Geriatrics) - I
  • Community Health Nursing – I
  • Communication and Educational Technique
3rd Year
  • Child Health Nursing
  • Medical Surgical nursing (Adult including Geriatrics) – II
  • Mental Health Nursing
4th Year
  • Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing – II
  • Nursing research and Statistics
  • Management of Nursing services and Education
Under Graduate
  • Post Basic B.Sc Nursing
  • Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing course is done after General Nursing and Midwifery course by the students to expand their knowledge and skills. This course gives advantage to the students to join Masters Course as they do not have to take one year work experience like B.Sc. nursing course students. Immediately after this course the students are eligible to take up M.Sc. nursing course.

    The main benefit for any student who has chosen to study Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing is that this course is worth same value as B.Sc. nursing. Nurses related to both of the field are supposed to have the qualification and can compete for next level.

  • Students must have completed General Nursing and Midwifery course.
  • English as a medium of instruction
Career Options
  • Students can directly join Masters Course.
  • Ward nurse, OT nurse, and Emergency ward nurse.
Course Outline
First Year
  • Nursing Foundation
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Biochemistry and biophysics
  • Psychology
  • Microbiology
  • Maternal Nursing
  • Child Health Nursing
  • Medical & Surgical Nursing
  • English
Second Year
  • Sociology
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Introduction to Nursing Education
  • Introduction to Nursing Administration
  • Introduction to Nursing Research & Statistics
Post Graduate
  • M.Sc Nursing
  • Post graduate degree in Nursing is taken after completion of B.Sc. Nursing course. Students who are interested in academics and research work take up this course. Basically a student who has gathered lots of experience in the field and wants to continue for the further education joins this course. There comes a great chance for nurses to get into corporate and industrial sector as per the end their related specialization course.

    As many prefer Fortis Institute of Nursing for their M.Sc. nursing course only dedicated student with good academic background with adequate work experience are only selected.

    Specialization Courses in Post Graduation

    The following specializations can be taken by the students over their Masters level course of Nursing.

    1. Medical Surgical Nursing
    2. The specialization is done by the nurses who work in patient care units, ambulatory care units, surgical centers, emergency care units etc. The nurses of this specialization deal with health of adult patients. The nurses of this field are to study about medicines as well, as they are to look after the medication of the patients.

    3. Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing
    4. This area of nursing deals with women in their age from puberty till menopause. The nurses of this field give care to women who have health issues regarding their reproductive system like during pregnancy, child labor, birth etc. The nurses of this area work in maternity wards.

      The nurses are to pursue a diploma or a degree related to women’s health and obstetrics to become OB/GYN nurses. Minimum of 2 years of experiences is needed to sit for NCC Inpatient Obstetric Nursing certification Examination and become a certified OB/GYN nurse.

    5. Community Health Nursing
    6. The nurses trained in this area are involved in healthcare of the community. They work in rural and urban community healthcare centers. The community health nurses are responsible for the health of an entire community. To become a community health nurse, one needs to be a registered nurse by getting a degree and by sitting for the exam of National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. The nurses also need to have work experience for several years.

    7. Pediatrics Nursing
    8. This area specializes in giving healthcare to infants and children. The nurses are given training in giving care to children or infants with health issues. To practice nursing of this area, the nurses needs to be a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree.

    9. Psychiatric Nursing
    10. also known as mental health nursing is a course where the nurses specialize in mental health and care for people who are suffering of mental illness. Nurses of this area get trainings in psychological therapies. A psychiatric nurse is required to be a registered nurse and specialize in mental health. This type of nurse work in mental institutes, psychiatric hospitals, mental asylums etc.

  • Candidates who have completed B.Sc. Nursing or PB B.Sc. nursing.
  • 55% marks obtained in B.Sc. nursing or PB B.Sc. nursing.
  • Age limit- 45 years.
  • Candidates must have 1 years work experience after completion of B.Sc. nursing/ PB B.Sc. nursing course.
Career Options
  • Academic research
  • Lecturer, educator, professor or instructor in Nursing Institutes
  • Senior level Nursing Administrator in Hospitals and Clinics
  • Corporate or Industrial Nurse
Course Outline
First Year
  • Nursing Education
  • Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Research & Statistics
  • Clinical Specialty-I
Second Year
  • Nursing Management
  • Nursing Research (Dissertation)
  • Clinical Specialty-II

Fee Structure

Post Basic Diploma in Cardio Thoracic Nursing (CTN) Fees Table
1st Year 46000 1400 73600
2nd Year 31000 1400 49600
3rd Year 31000 1400 49600
Grand Total 108000 4200 172800
B.Sc Nursing Fees Table
1st Year 104,000 4,550 166,400
2nd Year 104,000 4,550 166,400
3rd Year 104,000 4,550 166,400
4th Year 104,000 4,550 166,400
Grand Total 416,000 18,200 665,600
Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing Fees Table
1st Year 100,000 4,700 160,000
2nd Year 100,000 4,700 160,000
Grand Total 200,000 9,400 320,000
M.Sc. Nursing Fees Table
1st Year 119,000 6,150 190,400
2nd Year 119,000 6,150 190,400
Grand Total 238,000 12,300 3380,800
Mphil. Nursing Fees Table
1st Year 119,000 6,150 190,400
2nd Year 119,000 6,150 190,400
Grand Total 238,000 12,300 3380,800

Registration Fee: Indian INR 10000 for National students & US $300 for International students along with 1st installment


Fortis Institute has one of the best infrastructure facilities and they have accommodation facilities available for both girls and boys. Hostel has all the basic facilities:

  1. The institute has 4 hostels with more than 70 rooms.
  2. Separate hostels allotted to boys and girls.
  3. Hostels facilities available to Postgraduate and undergraduate students only.
  4. Hostel also has mess facilities that provide 3 times a healthy meal everyday to the residents.


Fortis Hospital is one of the most renowned multi-specialty hospitals all over India. The students of Fortis Institute get golden opportunity to get involved with the hospital activities. The students get placements in different sections of the hospital after the completion of their course.

The Institute has 5 hospitals in Bangalore itself where the students get opportunities.

The institute also provides placement to the students in other reputed hospitals.